Laughter Therapy


Well … In making a commitment to myself to not only be my own best friend, parent and creator of my life and also to listen to my inner guidance and intuition as to what best I need to do to best find and establish those new ways of being that will support and enable me to begin experiencing my best possible life, I felt positively definite that what I needed was a complete change of scenery and energy.

With this thought and feeling being uppermost in my mind and being, should I be surprised that I received a wonderful invitation to spend a long weekend n a magical countryside location with friends and loved ones laced with beautiful music, play, long walks and stimulating conversations and experiences ? ??  Well … No ! … I wasn’t surprised … I was filled with the possibility of it happening.  However, not only experiencing all of that lovely nurturing, fun and loving energy, what I was bowled over with was the joy and therapeutic benefits of Laughter ! …. And what I’m talking about is that real deep belly aching laughter that you feel from the depths of your being, in that moment, when not only do you feel that lightness and joy of the moment in that experience, but also that connective knowing that you’re sharing the same synchronistic experience with someone else … and that too makes the magical happening even funnier !!!  Couple that with one other person and you have 200% of an incredible funny momentary experience, but with each additional person the percentage stakes rise another 100%  ….  and then even more laughter …. it’s explosive and infectious !!!

I have to say that I spent the whole weekend just laughing, not only was it a fantastic core muscle workout !!! …  but both my serotonin and endorphin levels tipped the Rictor Scale !!  The ultimate healing benefits I received from this whole experience, I can’t begin to quantify but the lightness of my spirit was a gift !

The whole experience really made me think that sometimes when life seems to get really heavy and stuck, maybe all we really need to do is go out into nature, soak it up … every bit, spend some time with the gentle, loving and nurturing energies of friends and loved ones, embrace your inner child and play ! …. and just don’t take yourself or life so, so seriously …. see the humour that runs through the thread of life like a fantastic comedy.  It helps us to stand back and see ourselves and our situations more objectively, we relax and are more able to find creative solutions and our energy is renewed.  Not only that it’s Free …. And a Spiritual High …. Well, how magically healing is that ?!!!

Mind, Body & Spirit – Looking To Achieve A Healthy Balance


Having just got out of hospital following an anaphylactic shock, I’m being physically forced to take life not only gently to repair, nurture and rejuvenate but …. slow …  Slow really doesn’t come easy to me and it’s a necessary skill I feel I have to learn.

However, I feel I’m being forced to not only investigate the route cause,  but also really face the seriousness of the episode, which could have been fatal,  and acknowledge it’s impact on me now which is not only affecting my physical being, but my energy levels and my spiritual vibration and well being too.  The mere fact that it feels I’m a captive audience in my body and mind at present has certainly helped me to focus on all the elements in my life and has reaffirmed for me that I need to do a life review of exactly what is important to me, and how I think, behave and operate now and for my best possible future outcome and happiness.

It’s interesting for me to realise that although the significant people in my life are top of my list of  “What’s Important”, as is what I “do” in my life together with how I support myself, I am now becoming more and more aware and actually feeling it by my life’s experiences, that how I “am” in all aspects, physically, emotionally and spiritually greatly affects how I view and feel about all these fundamental elements of my life that I hold so precious to me.

Again, it’s interesting to observe in myself, that although I regard myself to be comitted to investing in “the you” and would like to think that I go “all out”  to put in place the necessary support structures and ways of being to help me work towards achieving the best life I can have for myself and my loved ones …. and I think I’m doing it …. It somethimes takes, it seems, a traumatic event  where you feel you’ve reached rock bottom and the only way is up (or not) to delve deep and search your soul to find the necessary ingredients to rebuild yourself and your life into one that really does support and excite you.

I’m not for a minute suggesting that a traumatic event is a good thing, the impact can, and usually is, extremely serious, immense and overwhelming.  However, what I am saying is that if  we are able to approach the possibility of looking at the event in a different way, with time, support and focus, it can be a unique and challenging opportunity to really address looking at, and dealing with, all the issues that this event brings up for you and to find your best way forward towards rebuilding a better, more rewarding,  satisfying and miraculous life for oneself.  It could even be viewed as a second chance to obtaining your life’s true purpose and joy.

Mind Body Spirit – And Time Management


Finally sitting in front on my computer, ready and able to begin writing a piece of work on a subject that I really love and feel passionate about, I became aware of the extreme tightness in my neck and shoulders and also that I had a dull headache.  The telephone rang, a little agitated, I dealt with the call and on putting the telephone down, I breathed a long, deep sigh of relief.

Immediately, a light bulb went on for me, I had been feeling completely out of sync with time all morning and needed to get back “into the zone” so to speak !

In those few moments of deep breathing and stillness it was as though I had suddenly become aware of “me” in all the chaos of the morning.  I realised that I had created my headache, trying to fit too many things in before doing what was most important … and I had created the tightness in my neck and shoulders.  I had even heard my voice on the telephone raise it’s pitch almost an octave because of my self induced stress and tension.  It was interesting that it was only when I allowed myself to be still that I became aware of what I was feeling and experiencing  physically, emotionally and the effect that it had on my spirit,  and it was only then that I could put self supporting structures in place to “get back” into sync … Breathing properly and deeply being the first !!!

It was also interesting to discover that actually I wasn’t having a good time and enjoying “my time” this morning.  It seemed to me that I was competing against myself  with my own time in a time race where I was the only entrant. I was setting myself up with as many hurdles as possible to jump over before even beginning the actual task I really wanted to complete; as opposed to using my time constructively to achieve an enjoyable goal with ease … Afterall, if I was the only runner in the race, you’d think I’d be winning but,  I hadn’t owned my time, focused on the task or worked out a strategy that would enable me to “win” the desired outcome and, not only that, to this point I even had both physical and mental injuries !!!

Well … I think you get my point … However, it just made me wonder … How many times in a day do we really flow with time rather than fight the clock and then feel the physical effects of pushing the river upstream.

I wonder how much happier and healthier we would be if we could develop an enjoyable and respectful relationship with time, afterall a certain amount of time has been alloted to us on this planet, it really is ours, to do with as we think and feel we would like to use it. I don’t mean this in a selfish way, ignoring and disregarding others, but in a self-respecting and self acknowledging way. And in this way, shouldn’t we thererefore own our time, and use it in a way that really works for us …. we will reap the benefits and therefore so will others benefit.  Yes we have commitments, deadlines and necessary obligations, but some if not all, particularly the ones we set for ourselves, I’m certain can be renegotiated, rescheduled and/or be moveable …. and ….. What would it take to actually change the way one views time and has a relationship with it.  What would it take to concentrate on, rather than it being a limited comodity, actually enjoying “the time” we allow for the challenges of our specific deadlines and be flexible and less rigid with ourselves and the outcome we set.  Perhaps then we would be in a position to revel in the infinite possiblities of our focused intentions and glory in our achievements having enjoyed the journey and won the race!

Spiritual Counselling


I was at the coach stop yesterday about to embark on a journey to a spiritual counselling seminar and following an interaction I had with a fellow traveller and the coach driver, of which I was on the periphery, I had this realisation.

If you’re not feeling at peace and happy in yourself, even the most innocent of remarks that someone says to you, can be taken negatively and have an adverse and defensive reaction within you …. emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As I say, I was at the coach stop yesterday, patiently standing in line with my luggage, waiting to put it in the coach’s hold.  the lady in front of me was already negotiating her luggage into a seemingly suitable spot.  However, just at that moment, the drriver, in a clear and informative voice said, “No, not there Madam.  For your particular destination, you need to put your luggage into the central section over here.”

Her reply was scathing towards the driver and her facial muscles and body tightened and tensed as she looked at the driver and moved her luggage to where he had directed, and the atmosphere quickly became tense and heavy.  I was next in line, and as the lady moved away and left the dis-eased energetic debris, the driver looked me in the eyes and said .. “Well, that was a shock, I didn’t think I was being nasty towards her, my intention was to be helpful and kind.”

It is interesting to note how we sometimes only hear what we expect to hear because of where we’re at energetically and emotionally and this can be far removed from the truth of the intention in which it was delivered to you.

Furthermore, it is also interesting to note the power our words have on others; the words we choose to use and the tone of voice and inflections in which we deliver them, our body language and the impact that this may have on others.  Again, depending on where we are at emotionally and energetically, it is very likely that we will deliver the same sentence in very different ways depending on how we feel.

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