Laughter Therapy


Well … In making a commitment to myself to not only be my own best friend, parent and creator of my life and also to listen to my inner guidance and intuition as to what best I need to do to best find and establish those new ways of being that will support and enable me to begin experiencing my best possible life, I felt positively definite that what I needed was a complete change of scenery and energy.

With this thought and feeling being uppermost in my mind and being, should I be surprised that I received a wonderful invitation to spend a long weekend n a magical countryside location with friends and loved ones laced with beautiful music, play, long walks and stimulating conversations and experiences ? ??  Well … No ! … I wasn’t surprised … I was filled with the possibility of it happening.  However, not only experiencing all of that lovely nurturing, fun and loving energy, what I was bowled over with was the joy and therapeutic benefits of Laughter ! …. And what I’m talking about is that real deep belly aching laughter that you feel from the depths of your being, in that moment, when not only do you feel that lightness and joy of the moment in that experience, but also that connective knowing that you’re sharing the same synchronistic experience with someone else … and that too makes the magical happening even funnier !!!  Couple that with one other person and you have 200% of an incredible funny momentary experience, but with each additional person the percentage stakes rise another 100%  ….  and then even more laughter …. it’s explosive and infectious !!!

I have to say that I spent the whole weekend just laughing, not only was it a fantastic core muscle workout !!! …  but both my serotonin and endorphin levels tipped the Rictor Scale !!  The ultimate healing benefits I received from this whole experience, I can’t begin to quantify but the lightness of my spirit was a gift !

The whole experience really made me think that sometimes when life seems to get really heavy and stuck, maybe all we really need to do is go out into nature, soak it up … every bit, spend some time with the gentle, loving and nurturing energies of friends and loved ones, embrace your inner child and play ! …. and just don’t take yourself or life so, so seriously …. see the humour that runs through the thread of life like a fantastic comedy.  It helps us to stand back and see ourselves and our situations more objectively, we relax and are more able to find creative solutions and our energy is renewed.  Not only that it’s Free …. And a Spiritual High …. Well, how magically healing is that ?!!!

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