Mind Body Spirit – And Time Management


Finally sitting in front on my computer, ready and able to begin writing a piece of work on a subject that I really love and feel passionate about, I became aware of the extreme tightness in my neck and shoulders and also that I had a dull headache.  The telephone rang, a little agitated, I dealt with the call and on putting the telephone down, I breathed a long, deep sigh of relief.

Immediately, a light bulb went on for me, I had been feeling completely out of sync with time all morning and needed to get back “into the zone” so to speak !

In those few moments of deep breathing and stillness it was as though I had suddenly become aware of “me” in all the chaos of the morning.  I realised that I had created my headache, trying to fit too many things in before doing what was most important … and I had created the tightness in my neck and shoulders.  I had even heard my voice on the telephone raise it’s pitch almost an octave because of my self induced stress and tension.  It was interesting that it was only when I allowed myself to be still that I became aware of what I was feeling and experiencing  physically, emotionally and the effect that it had on my spirit,  and it was only then that I could put self supporting structures in place to “get back” into sync … Breathing properly and deeply being the first !!!

It was also interesting to discover that actually I wasn’t having a good time and enjoying “my time” this morning.  It seemed to me that I was competing against myself  with my own time in a time race where I was the only entrant. I was setting myself up with as many hurdles as possible to jump over before even beginning the actual task I really wanted to complete; as opposed to using my time constructively to achieve an enjoyable goal with ease … Afterall, if I was the only runner in the race, you’d think I’d be winning but,  I hadn’t owned my time, focused on the task or worked out a strategy that would enable me to “win” the desired outcome and, not only that, to this point I even had both physical and mental injuries !!!

Well … I think you get my point … However, it just made me wonder … How many times in a day do we really flow with time rather than fight the clock and then feel the physical effects of pushing the river upstream.

I wonder how much happier and healthier we would be if we could develop an enjoyable and respectful relationship with time, afterall a certain amount of time has been alloted to us on this planet, it really is ours, to do with as we think and feel we would like to use it. I don’t mean this in a selfish way, ignoring and disregarding others, but in a self-respecting and self acknowledging way. And in this way, shouldn’t we thererefore own our time, and use it in a way that really works for us …. we will reap the benefits and therefore so will others benefit.  Yes we have commitments, deadlines and necessary obligations, but some if not all, particularly the ones we set for ourselves, I’m certain can be renegotiated, rescheduled and/or be moveable …. and ….. What would it take to actually change the way one views time and has a relationship with it.  What would it take to concentrate on, rather than it being a limited comodity, actually enjoying “the time” we allow for the challenges of our specific deadlines and be flexible and less rigid with ourselves and the outcome we set.  Perhaps then we would be in a position to revel in the infinite possiblities of our focused intentions and glory in our achievements having enjoyed the journey and won the race!

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