Mind, Body & Spirit – Looking To Achieve A Healthy Balance


Having just got out of hospital following an anaphylactic shock, I’m being physically forced to take life not only gently to repair, nurture and rejuvenate but …. slow …  Slow really doesn’t come easy to me and it’s a necessary skill I feel I have to learn.

However, I feel I’m being forced to not only investigate the route cause,  but also really face the seriousness of the episode, which could have been fatal,  and acknowledge it’s impact on me now which is not only affecting my physical being, but my energy levels and my spiritual vibration and well being too.  The mere fact that it feels I’m a captive audience in my body and mind at present has certainly helped me to focus on all the elements in my life and has reaffirmed for me that I need to do a life review of exactly what is important to me, and how I think, behave and operate now and for my best possible future outcome and happiness.

It’s interesting for me to realise that although the significant people in my life are top of my list of  “What’s Important”, as is what I “do” in my life together with how I support myself, I am now becoming more and more aware and actually feeling it by my life’s experiences, that how I “am” in all aspects, physically, emotionally and spiritually greatly affects how I view and feel about all these fundamental elements of my life that I hold so precious to me.

Again, it’s interesting to observe in myself, that although I regard myself to be comitted to investing in “the you” and would like to think that I go “all out”  to put in place the necessary support structures and ways of being to help me work towards achieving the best life I can have for myself and my loved ones …. and I think I’m doing it …. It somethimes takes, it seems, a traumatic event  where you feel you’ve reached rock bottom and the only way is up (or not) to delve deep and search your soul to find the necessary ingredients to rebuild yourself and your life into one that really does support and excite you.

I’m not for a minute suggesting that a traumatic event is a good thing, the impact can, and usually is, extremely serious, immense and overwhelming.  However, what I am saying is that if  we are able to approach the possibility of looking at the event in a different way, with time, support and focus, it can be a unique and challenging opportunity to really address looking at, and dealing with, all the issues that this event brings up for you and to find your best way forward towards rebuilding a better, more rewarding,  satisfying and miraculous life for oneself.  It could even be viewed as a second chance to obtaining your life’s true purpose and joy.

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