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I was at the coach stop yesterday about to embark on a journey to a spiritual counselling seminar and following an interaction I had with a fellow traveller and the coach driver, of which I was on the periphery, I had this realisation.

If you’re not feeling at peace and happy in yourself, even the most innocent of remarks that someone says to you, can be taken negatively and have an adverse and defensive reaction within you …. emotionally, physically and spiritually.

As I say, I was at the coach stop yesterday, patiently standing in line with my luggage, waiting to put it in the coach’s hold.  the lady in front of me was already negotiating her luggage into a seemingly suitable spot.  However, just at that moment, the drriver, in a clear and informative voice said, “No, not there Madam.  For your particular destination, you need to put your luggage into the central section over here.”

Her reply was scathing towards the driver and her facial muscles and body tightened and tensed as she looked at the driver and moved her luggage to where he had directed, and the atmosphere quickly became tense and heavy.  I was next in line, and as the lady moved away and left the dis-eased energetic debris, the driver looked me in the eyes and said .. “Well, that was a shock, I didn’t think I was being nasty towards her, my intention was to be helpful and kind.”

It is interesting to note how we sometimes only hear what we expect to hear because of where we’re at energetically and emotionally and this can be far removed from the truth of the intention in which it was delivered to you.

Furthermore, it is also interesting to note the power our words have on others; the words we choose to use and the tone of voice and inflections in which we deliver them, our body language and the impact that this may have on others.  Again, depending on where we are at emotionally and energetically, it is very likely that we will deliver the same sentence in very different ways depending on how we feel.

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