Our Fees - Counselling Care UK

It is mutually beneficial for us to set up an "Initial Session" before therapy begins. This is an opportunity for me to find out a little about you and what brings you to counselling and for you to see whether you feel comfortable working with me.

If, after our initial session you decide to continue, we will agree on a schedule of meetings.

Sessions last 50 minutes and take place once a week at a regular time and venue.

My fees are £40.

For "Online Sessions" please use the following Paypal Button


For "Telephone sessions", Please use the following PayPal Button:

If you are interested in"ONE TO ONE COUNSELLING SESSIONS"

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Payment is due for missed sessions unless agreed in advance. Yor Privacy is held in strict confidence and your information is NEVER shared with anyone or any other party. Please contact me for any further questions regarding the services listed above.